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Red Lips

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Known as the Queen of RaunchCom, AK Landow is a spicy RomCom author. She’s a recovering attorney living outside of the Philadelphia area with her husband, who she secretly pined for through her teen years, three crazy hormonal daughters, and multiple animals. 


She enjoys reading, now writing, drinking copious amounts of vodka, and laughing. Having discovered there’s no other need in the world for funny perverts, she’s thrilled to have this new avenue to channel her age-inappropriate sense of humor.


She began her publishing journey with the City of Sisterly Love series, initially writing the first book, Knight, because it pisses her off that there are so few FMCs over the age of 40. She wrote it as an FU to the romance community to let them know that "oldies" still get it on. She fell so madly in love with both being an author and her fictitious family, that she can't seem to stop writing. 


The entire series centers around a group of strong, intelligent, confident, and supportive women. The central family is known for severe cases of oversharing and walking in on each other. Hilarity often ensues.


The Belles of Broad Street series debuted in 2023 with Conflicting Ventures. Indecent Ventures and Unexpected Ventures followed shortly thereafter. The final book in the series, Enchanted Ventures, came out in early 2024. It world shares with the City of Sisterly Love series, but can be read as standalones.


2024 also became the year AK entered the sports romance world. Staying true to her goals of portraying strong women, her debut sports romance novel, Double Play, is both a baseball AND softball romance. It's the first in the Extra Innings series. 


Her writing is known for laughs, tears, and being one-handed reads.

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